David Robertson to speak at the HRPA 2018 Annual Conference

We are once again honoured to have HRPA ask our President & CEO, David Robertson, to speak at the conference.  Dave is a trusted and highly esteemed leader in the Recruitment industry who serves on several Government of Canada and industry-related advisory boards.  Dave will be sharing critical information on trends in the recruitment industry.

Dave will be speaking in room 713B on Wednesday January 31st at 3PM

Preparing for the Future: The 5 Investments in Talent Acquisition Every Organization Needs to Prepare for 2020!

Talent Acquisition is becoming more and more complex with a wide variety of technology, solutions, and challenges. Finding candidates with key skill sets has become more difficult with no real relief on the horizon. Talent Acquisition professionals are faced with a shrinking candidate pool, a more complex supplier landscape often featuring VMS, MSP, and new workforce solution tools coming to market at a dizzying pace. In this session, we’ll look at the key tools and processes your organization needs to adapt to prepare for the future.


▪ Identify technological best practices, trends and challenges that you and your team will face
this year and beyond
▪ Hear about new and relatively untapped resources to source talent, as well as ideas to improve
your processes and maximize your reach
▪ Explore Talent Analytics: the Reality vs. the Hype
▪ Deepen your understanding of stakeholder engagement: how to maximize your managers as a key
selling point of your brand