About Robertson & Company Ltd.

An employee owned company with over two decades of successful professional services experience. Robertson & Company provides innovation and quality of product. We focus on developing and retaining our professional teams.

From our start as a two-person consulting firm providing staffing and contract research services to three client organizations in 1994, we’ve grown to a North American organization providing a wide range of recruitment and talent management services.

And by the way, those three clients in 1994, are still clients today!


Robertson & Company operates on a national basis with 10 offices in major Canadian markets. In 2013 we employed 1400 people on client sites and introduced over 250 individuals to new careers. Our Canadian geographic footprint also insures that we are able to access qualified resources from across the country while providing thorough and efficient screening supported through regional offices.


Our service offering has been designed and built to meet the needs of corporations, governments, and other institutions. Robertson & Company specializes in providing leadership and meaningful, customized solutions for client organizations. Learn more about our services here.